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  • The Sadie Collective

    The Sadie Collective

    Addressing the pipeline and pathway for Black women in economics & related fields.

  • Robyn Swirling

    Robyn Swirling

    Robyn Swirling is the founder of Works in Progress, a non-profit organization to address sexual and gender-based harassment in progressive workplaces.

  • D. Sylvester

    D. Sylvester

    I’m just your everyday melanin filled, black girl with a fire in her belly and something to say. IG @bswchronicles Bswchronicles@gmail.com bswchronicles.com

  • Catherine Caruso

    Catherine Caruso

    Freelance writer covering culture, politics, and LGBTQ+ rights. catherineann.caruso@gmail.com

  • Vaishali Paliwal

    Vaishali Paliwal

    https://vaishalipaliwal.com/ Editor of https://medium.com/soul-sea

  • Meha Agrawal

    Meha Agrawal

    Founder & CEO of Silk + Sonder. Proud alum of @GoldmanSachs, @stitchfix, @themuse. Reimagining self-help through the power of pen, paper, data, and community.

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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